Souvenirs GUIDE

Sunny & Popular Places to Visit

Fiji Islands

Republic of Fiji has some of the Friendliest people. They are helpful, polite and make you feel right at home. Visit a Fijian Village during your delightful stay in Paradise and get Souvenirs right from the hands of the Fijians.


In 2019, I visited Fiji for the 3rd time. Every visit was wonderful and different experience. Want to start your own Clothing Line? Did you know that Fiji has a great Garment Manufacturer? I was more than impressed after my tour. I personally inspected garmets. Everything was well made, outstanding and high quality.

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San Diego

San Diego is known for Sunny Beaches and Great Weather, in addition to Things-To-Do ... ALL OF THE TIME, Day or Night. San Diego is so nice - you could actually go on Vacation in Your Own City. There are many Beaches, Bays and Lakes to choose from, as well as Museums.


It is easy to travel by bus and trolley. You could take a trolley to the Mexico Border for a Day Trip in another Country. Just cross over and take a Taxi to your destination. Make sure you take your Passport. Mexico is only about 17 miles from Downtown San Diego. You could ride horses along the Ocean in Rosarito, B.C., Mexico, which is a litttle over 30 miles away. Puerto Nuevo, B.C., Mexico is about 50 miles away and known for the Fabulous Lobster Dinners. Don't forget the Souvenirs - Take San Diego and Mexico Home with You.

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New York

New York is a popular destination. It is also very unique - a melting pot for people from around the world. The buildings make you feel like you are in countries from Around The World. Touring the five boroughs from a Double Decker bus is a great way to see New York City.


I have been to New York many times. Touring by the big red bus was an informative and fun way to learn more about New York. This Souvenirs GUIDE links you to Souvenirs mailed Directly to Your Home, Friends and Family, while Supporting Creative People.

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