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Karen Barron Russell,

ideas Career & Business Development Consultant


Career & Business Development Consulting Services with ideas for Artists, Writers and Performers by creating artistic works and productions, while providing technical expertise necessary for productions, utilizing over forty years of experience.


Need ideas to set up a Technical Training Center for Creative People? Contact Me by Email. Technology Empowers People.


Are You Creative? Contact me by Email for ideas to Make Money Creating Souvenirs to earn a living.





Over 33 years ago, I visited the Fiji Islands and shared my Hair Braiding and Beading skills with about 4 to 5 Fijian ladies, so they could earn a living. These ladies shared their skills with other people. Today, throughout Fiji in Hotels, Resorts and Shops the trend continues. Many Tourists love to get the Fashionable Braided and Beaded hairstyle, while on Vacation. Sharing what you know promotes economic growth and buying Souvenirs from the local people could increase the quality of life. Change a Life ... One Person at a Time.


During your stay in Fiji, Please ... make a Conscious Effort to personally put your VACATION DOLLARS, in the hands of the people of the country. Support Creative People Worldwide. The world would be quite boring without Creativity.


Why Us?

Our goal is to use up to 70% of net profits from souvenirs to provide Technical Support for Creative People and their families, assist with setting up family businesses, as well as, assist with Career and Business essentials, such as:

1. Post Office Box Rental - Mailing Address is required to run a business

2. Cell Phone - Talk, Text and Data for business use

3. Online Payment Account - To Invoice and Process Payments for Products and Services rendered


Most of our Digital Services are available by Email, WhatsApp, Video and Screensharing to provide services at the lowest cost. 





Strives for Excellence


Committed to Conducting Business with Integrity, providing Superior Service and High Quality Products


Shares Informative, Interactive and Entertaining Broadcast Shows and Projects primarily for young people, their Family, Friends and Associates, as well as Senior Citizens


Features Closing the Generational Gap plus Enhancing Digital Media Skills

Focuses on Family Unity